Are Hair Transplants Worth It?

Losing your hair especially at a young age can be a detrimental thing to go through. Loss of hair is more common in men than women. Male pattern baldness is the main cause of baldness in men. It is caused by over-sensitivity to the hormone dihydrotestosterone. Baldness not only affects your looks but also your self- confidence. Most people often turn to hair transplant to help restore lost hair.

Is a hair transplant really worth it? Given the many aesthetic and emotional benefits of hair restoration, a transplant is indeed worth it. To start with, a transplant can help restore your natural youthful look. Compared to other hair loss remedies like hair pieces and wigs, a transplant is natural and resembles your natural hair. After all, no foreign hair is added to your head; instead, transplant hair is sourced from the donor parts such as the back of your head. A transplant offers a permanent hair loss solution.

The hair transplant process is painless and non-invasive. It only requires a local anesthesia; you won’t need to be admitted in hospital. You can simply have the procedure conducted and be discharged the same day. Thus, the transplant does not pose any health risks.

You will reap many emotional benefits upon undergoing a transplant. It will help restore your self- esteem and confidence. You will no longer feel self-conscious. You will have a fulfilling social life. People will no longer stare at your bald head.

Compared to artificial hair loss remedies, transplants tend to be more cost effective. Most physicians will charge you a minimal fee or no fee at all for the initial consultation. Once you pay for the transplant, you are assured of lasting results. You don’t have to undergo a transplant every now and then; this helps you save money.